• Image of 'Live Through This' Mix Tape

Limited Edition Riot Girl Mix Tape


As a part of a retrospective of my teenage years, I have made a limited edition mix tape with a custom letter pressed sleeve. There are only 100 of these in existence. All of the type is hand set one letter at a time, and the photo is a halftone plate I had custom made at Boxcar Press in New York. The sleeves were printed at Bremelo Press in Seattle, WA by me with the gracious help of Lynda Sherman on a 106 year old Chandler & Price clamshell press named Adele. Each sleeve passed through the press 6 times before completion. All are numbered and signed.

The cassette shells are screen printed with hand painted lettering and are 32 minutes in length.

Aqua Girl Star - Huggy Bear
Innertube Tomorrow - Frumpies
We're the Seniors and We Rule the School - Excuse Seventeen
Definition - The Third Sex
Freewheel - Team Dresch
Pony 4 Honey - The Need

Rockstar - Hole
Double Edged Knife - Slant 6
Cherry Bomb - Bratmobile
Don't - Fifth Column
Good Things - Sleater Kinney
Feels Blind - Bikini Kill